How it Works

Step 1

Sign up for one of our carbon credit subscription plans through a representative, by phone, or on our website.

First Step

Step 2

Select one of our available carbon credit plans that have been built with the average person in mind. You can also choose to add more carbon credits to your plan and truly customize your carbon credits to achieve close to net zero carbon.

Second Step

Step 3

We will take the information you provide us with along with the plan you selected and start erasing your carbon footprint one month at a time. Simply put, we buy the carbon credits and remove them from the market. This means the credits are taken out of circulation and prevents other groups from buying them to pollute or resell.

Third Step

Step 4

Stay informed about your carbon footprint. Each month, you will receive an email progress report with your bill showcasing the impact you are making to our environment. If available, we will even include updates on the projects your subscriptions are going towards.

Fourth Step