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Who is Be Neutral Now

Helping you live neutral

Be Neutral Now is dedicated to confronting global climate change and its impact on our planet. We are a unique service provider that allows consumers to directly make a difference in reducing their carbon footprint. With Be Neutral Now, you can reduce and even eliminate your net carbon footprint entirely.

We aim to help protect our planet by promoting and investing in Carbon Reducing Initiatives. We allow you the consumer to take charge and directly be a part of the solution. By enrolling in the our subscription services, you are investing in carbon reducing projects like solar, wind, hydroelectricity, and more. All projects are located in the United States and aimed specifically to reduce the emissions from fossil fuels.

When you purchase from Be Neutral Now, we buy the carbon credits on your behalf and remove them from the market so they cannot be traded or resold. By removing them, we ensure that the reductions are permanent. They can never be used by another entity as a permit to pollute. You are not burdened with taking ownership of the carbon credits themselves.

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