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We make it easy to offset your carbon emissions. With Be Neutral Now's simple carbon credit plans, you can live a net zero life without changing your habits.

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We all have a part in reducing carbon emissions. By subscribing to Be Neutral Now, you will be joining a growing community of people and organizations dedicated to cutting greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Every individual action made by our members is combined to make the impact to our environment bigger.

We want to make it easy to reduce your carbon footprint. That is why we make managing your subscription easy. Our subscription plans include:

  • No enrollment fees
  • No cancellation fees, cancel anytime
  • Customize your Carbon Credits for your emissions
  • Get updates on your positive impact
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You can make more of a difference by spreading the word. When you subscribe to Be Neutral Now, in addition to buying carbon offset credits, you will get a decal to proudly show off that you are living a greener life by offsetting your carbon emissions.

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Know your Carbon Footprint

You are probably asking yourself "What is my carbon footprint?". Carbon Calculators can often be confusing when you just want a simple answer. Here are some examples for you to think about when deciding how much carbon you want to offset:

  • The average automobile in the United States produces over 6 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide every year.
  • The average household consumes around 10,000 kilowatt hours per year. (over 7 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide)
  • Home space heating and cooling are estimated to account for 44% of energy in U.S.
  • Food items account for 10-30% of a household’s carbon footprint.